What’s new if you need dental fillings?

dental fillings dental logic truro

Dental fillings are much improved from the silver nugget that you may have been given some years ago. And the good news is there are other options available – you can even change your silver fillings if you wish. And don’t panic if you need a tooth filled. Dental fillings are a common procedure and […]

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Dental Logic: Doing dentistry differently in Truro

We’re a new Truro dentist and we’ve opened our practice in central Truro. We’ve ran our successful sister practice in Perranporth, St Piran Dental, for 16 years but the time has come for the business to grow. We’ve listened to our Perranporth patients and we’ve heard concerns and niggles. And over several years we’ve built […]

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4 easy ways to reduce sugar in our diets

reduce sugar benefit oral health

Proper nutrition means eating a well-balanced diet. Our bodies need a variety of foods to give us the best access to the nutrients needed for good health and wellness. And if our diet is low in the essential nutrients that we need, we may succumb more easily to infection in our mouths. But, contrary to […]

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