Sedation Dentistry

“Being scared of the dentist is normal” says Chris, the lead sedation dentist at Dental Logic. “I recognise that anxiety and phobias are real barriers to accessing dentistry, and that is why I am a dedicated sedation dentist.”

Will it hurt?

At Dental Logic, and our sister practice St Piran Dental,  we believe pain free dentistry is possible and every month we ask our patients for their feedback. Last year we had 96% say their treatment was pain free, with 100% saying they would recommend us.

What is sedation?

Dental sedation is sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry. You will have a small injection in your arm, or back of the hand and then we give you a drug which makes you sleepy, and best of all will make you forget the experience. Afterwards you just wake up and all the treatment is done.

Is it safe?

It is essential to make sure that your dentist has had the right training for this, as this is not a normal treatment dentists train for. Chris, who is our sedation dentist has this additional training and been providing sedation for well over 20 years now. He is also a mentor for sedation training with the UK sedation society SAAD, and regularly receives referrals from other dentists. He  treats many patients with sedation for dental anxiety and phobia every year and was the first dentist in Cornwall to be dental phobia certified.

How do I know if I can have sedation?

The first thing to do is to call us on 01872 306622 so we can help answer your questions. Then we book you and appointment at a time that is convenient. If you feel you are very anxious, we can even arrange your first visit as just a catch up at a local coffee house, so you can meet us and chat in a more relaxed setting!

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