Pain Free Dentistry

Andrew was having long term discomfort from his teeth and was highly anxious about having dental treatment. He had delayed visiting a dentist saying “My main concern was pain, I have a pain threshold of nil.”

How did we help?

He eventually decided he couldn’t go on with the discomfort he was having and rang Dental Logic. Initially he spoke with Helen, our dedicated treatment advisor  and she was able to outline how we could help.

On Andrew’s initial appointment with our experienced sedation dentist Chris, he was highly anxious and was very scared. Chris spend time listening to Andrew’s problems and concerns and then suggested that sedation would be the best thing to help him overcome his fears.

All the dental treatment was done under sedation and when asked afterwards how he found it, stated, “Absolutely superb, I don’t remember a thing”.

Because of the dental techniques that Chris uses, he reported no pain afterwards. “ This is the best experience I have had from dentistry.”

Why are we different?

This is a big step for someone who had avoided the dentist because of fear, and he is not alone.  40% of the population have a fear about visiting the dentist. Andrew could not have been in better hands as Chris is not just an ordinary dentist. Chris has over 20 years of sedation experience, he is a National sedation mentor for other dentists and sees many hundreds of highly anxious and phobic people access the dental care they need. He was the first dentist to become a Dental Phobia certified in Cornwall and Devon which is testament to his skills.

We are so happy for Andrew that he has truly managed to conquer his fear. He is now not in any pain or discomfort with his teeth, and can focus on enjoying life again.

To find out how Chris and his team at Dental Logic can help you,  call us on 01872 306622. We are here to help you, we do not judge you, and our dentistry is pain-free.