teeth straightening



Teeth straightening is a straightforward way to improve your smile. If you’re here because you’re self conscious about your teeth, the first step is a scan. Next, is a digital print of how your straight teeth will look. Furthermore, we know every mouth is unique, so all treatment plans are bespoke.


Invisalign is a flexible, hassle-free way to correct teeth position These invisible braces are pain-free and reposition teeth with gentle pressure that takes up to 12 months. Invisalign are almost invisible to see and can be removed on occasion if needed.


For crooked, twisted, or gappy teeth, you can make a significant improvement with teeth straightening in just six months. The dental wires we use are tooth coloured and discrete. Six-Month Smiles at Dental Logic Truro is a popular option, especially for adults who refused ‘traintrack’ braces in their teens.


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What Our Patients Say

"After years of not being able to go to the dentist from fear Chris and his team have completely changed that for me. I have never felt better about my smile and cannot recommend them enough"
Dec 11 2018
"Very professional, caring and friendly and I highly recommend this practice."
Nov 27 2018
"I had my Invisalign fitted and so far have been wonderful, the staff are amazing and friendly. I also had a filling which I was very nervous about. It was absolutely pain free. This will be my dentist from now on. Highly recommend."
Nov 13 2018
"Friendly, professional and innovative."
Oct 9 2018
"Completely improved my confidence in my appearance, the whole journey with Chris with this transformation of having my teeth straightened has been enjoyable with no pain, I would highly recommend Chris and his team as they explain each stage and progress throughout the treatment. "
Sep 28 2018