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    Get straight teeth with discreet invisible braces. Invisalign is a flexible, hassle-free way to correct teeth position. Because of our investment in digital scanning technology, you are able to see your teeth in 3D on an interactive screen allowing you to direct your own treatment. This is not possible using traditional methods.

    Invisalign is also pretty much pain free with 98% of all our Invisalign patients reporting they had no pain from this system. It uses clear aligners which clip over your teeth to reposition them with gentle pressure. Invisalign takes anything from 6 to 15 months depending upon degree of straightening needed. The big advantages with Invisalign is that are almost invisible to see and can be removed on occasion if needed.

    Do you have crooked, twisted or gappy teeth? Teeth straightening is a simple and safe way to improve your smile. With our teeth straightening options you can get that smile you always wanted in a few months with no pain and affordably.  Furthermore, we know every mouth is unique, so all treatment plans are bespoke.


    This option is our entry level to giving you straight teeth quickly and affordably. From only £1800 your perfect smile is more affordable than you imagine and can be achieved in just a few months. Depending upon your requirements we can choose between two custom systems. This is ideal for those who have had orthodontics before and have relapsed, or for simple cases.


    Ever wanted to see your straight teeth in a real time trial wear? Well this is now possible by using our advanced scanning and planning technology. Chris is a recognised UK pioneer of digitally designed smiles, and Dental Logic is the only dental practice in the South West that can offer you this digital service. To find out more just contact us on 01872 306622.

    Will it Hurt
    No. The majority of patients having their teeth straightened report that the whole experience was pain free.
    Will it affect my eating?
    No, not really. In most cases it doesn’t affect eating at all.
    Am I too old?
    There is no age limit, the oldest person we have helped is 86!
    Will it damage my teeth?
    No, the intention is to put the teeth in the right position so that they are easier to clean, which means they can last longer and prevents decay and gum disease.
    How much does it cost?
    Invisalign ranges from £2800 to £4200, but is expected to last a lifetime.
    Do you offer Finance?
    Yes, we offer a range of finance options to make your life easier. Contact us to discuss.

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