Take an Invisalign journey

Have you considered getting your teeth straightened but are unsure about the day to day workings of it all? I’m Nicola, part of the Dental Logic team and involved with marketing and accounts. I kept writing and reading posts about Invisalign but kept putting it off.

Eventually I decided to go for teeth straightening and this is my story. I’ll keep you updated over this year. Any questions do message me.

Winter 2020

Finally decided that I wanted to get my teeth straightened and Invisalign seemed like the obvious choice – I felt like the braces wouldn’t be as obvious as train tracks and you could take them out if going out for a special occasion. A quick call to the practice and I’m booked in for my digital scan. So easy!

Within  a week I have my digital scan done and Chris has looked at my options. After a discussion about what I want to achieve, he plans what is needed through the software then it’s sent to Invisalign for creation.  So excited for my straight teeth!

A big box has arrived so it’s back to the practice. The team talk me through  what happens. I am given my aligners – you have one set per fortnight and there is great little app that you download that reminds you when you need to change your aligners.

Back home I put in my aligners and apart from feeling a little tight on my teeth it feels ok. I feel very self-conscious and think everyone is noticing them in my mouth. Do I look weird? Are they obvious? Have I got a lisp? Do I talk funny?

Guess what? I have a tiny lisp which disappears within 24 hours as I get used to the aligners and the best bit? You take them out when you eat and pop them in a nifty little holder ( I stick them in my lunch box hidden away) so they don’t get covered with food. After eating it’s a quick rinse of my mouth with water though you can brush your teeth then pop the aligners back in and business as usual.

After a month or so  I’ve seen several people I know, had lengthy chats with and no one has noticed I am wearing the aligners at all.

Spring 2020

I am used to the aligners, they are part of normal life. I am now on aligner 6 so that’s 12 weeks with them in. I am starting to see movement in my mouth and it’s so exciting! Certain teeth are not as crossed over on my lower teeth which was always where I was conscious of.

I am keeping to my 20-24 hours of wearing the guards. I take them out for food and when I fancy a good coffee and so far, haven’t misplaced my aligners. The little black box is really handy to pop them in. It fits in your back pocket if you’re out for a walk and opted for a cheeky ice cream or coffee when out and about.

Summer 2020

On aligner 9 (18 weeks and counting). Can see real progress which keeps me on track. One massive bonus for me is that my nails are looking amazing! I normally chew my nails and with the aligners in there’s no chance of that – I might even treat myself to getting my nails done when nail bars open again.

By the end of the year I will have straighter teeth which will help with cleaning (less nooks and grannies to get food stuck between) and as part of the straightening process, whitening is included in the Invisalign package so they’ll be whiter too. Yeah!

I hope this blog has given you more of an insight into the day to day workings of Invisalign. Any questions, do get in touch with the practice and we can help answer your queries.