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At Dental Logic we are highly experienced in providing a full range of dental implant services, including simple through to complex cases and the long term management of them. If your dentist says you cannot have implants then we can often find a solution for you.

Dental implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth in a strong and permanent manner. They allow for fixed options which means they do not come in and out like dentures, and they look like your natural teeth. They allow you to get back to eating, smiling and enjoying your life without having to worry about your teeth.

Why choose us?

Chris is our implant dentist and has had extensive training through The Royal College, which is regarded as the leading implant training pathway. There are not many dentists who have undertaken this and his advanced training goes far beyond the basic requirements. This allows him to deal with a wider range of implant requirements from simple to full mouth treatments including bone grafting. Chris also regularly sees patients referred from other dentists for implant solutions.

Chris undertakes regular courses to maintain being at the forefront of implant knowledge and teaches other dentists on implant and cosmetic associated techniques. At Dental Logic we will not cut corners or compromise on the work we do and as such only use well recognised manufacturer implants ensuring the best long term outcomes for our patients.

We have also heavily invested in digital technology which means in many cases we can now provide dental implants in easy, pain free and quick appointments. For straight forward cases this technology allows us to gently place an implant and fit with a crown in less time than it takes to have a normal filling. This type of treatment is not widely available, and only possible through Chris’ experience of implants and use of very specific technology.

When should I have an Implant

After a tooth is removed the bone changes shape and shrinks. There is an ideal window within which an implant should be placed, and we can advise on this so that you get the best results. In some cases we may advise having the implant at the same day you have the tooth removed.

Does it hurt having an implant?

An implant is placed in a very gentle and precise manner. There is often minimal discomfort afterwards and this is easily controlled with simple pain relief.  Indeed, many of our patients report not having to take the pain relief we give to them.

How long does an implant last?

Because of the strict protocols we follow, and providing you follow our instructions on care we expect your implant to last a lifetime.

How much does an implant cost?

Because the needs of every person is different, it is difficult to set a standard fee however we can give you a rough estimation at your FREE consultation with our Treatment Advisor. Once you have seen our implantologist Chris and been fully assessed you will be given a bespoke written consent including all options, costings, advantages and disadvantages. As we expect implants to last a lifetime, the long term costs often are cheaper and less damaging than traditional bridge work.

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What Our Patients Say

"After years of not being able to go to the dentist from fear Chris and his team have completely changed that for me. I have never felt better about my smile and cannot recommend them enough"
Dec 11 2018
"Very professional, caring and friendly and I highly recommend this practice."
Nov 27 2018
"I had my Invisalign fitted and so far have been wonderful, the staff are amazing and friendly. I also had a filling which I was very nervous about. It was absolutely pain free. This will be my dentist from now on. Highly recommend."
Nov 13 2018
"Friendly, professional and innovative."
Oct 9 2018
"Completely improved my confidence in my appearance, the whole journey with Chris with this transformation of having my teeth straightened has been enjoyable with no pain, I would highly recommend Chris and his team as they explain each stage and progress throughout the treatment. "
Sep 28 2018