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    Dr Chris McConnell is our implant dentist and has had extensive training through The Royal College of Surgeons, which is regarded as the leading implant training pathway. There are not many dentists who have undertaken this and his advanced training goes far beyond the basic requirements. 

    Chris is a very experienced and well recognised UK cosmetic dentist, working with many international companies and teaching other dentists. He can provide treatments from simple to complex cases including advanced bone grafting procedures, and sees referrals from other dentists for this regularly.

    Dental implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth in a strong and permanent manner. They allow for fixed options which means they do not come in and out like dentures, and they look like your natural teeth. They allow you to get back to eating, smiling and enjoying your life without having to worry about your teeth.

    All on 4

    Implant Bridge

    Implant Crown

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    Why Choose Us

    Accuracy & Safety

    By having a CT scanner in house, this allows us to provide all treatment for you. The scanner is the latest in dental technology which helps plan your implants safely before we even start.


    We offer the option of up to a 10 year guarantee on all implants providing you follow our aftercare advice. Our success rate over the last 15 years is 99%. The industry standard is 90%.

    Relaxing and Comfortable Atmosphere

    Your comfort is important to us and all the treatment at Dental Logic is carried out in our bespoke built calm environment. We also offer sedation and relaxation techniques to help.


    Because the needs of every person is different, it is difficult to set a standard fee however we can give you a rough estimation at your FREE consultation with our Treatment Advisor.

    Does it hurt?
    No. We always give anaesthetic first and then place the implant very gently and precisely. There is often minimal discomfort afterwards.
    How much does it cost?
    Typically, a straight forward implant costs from £3500. We have different finance options available to help spread the cost.
    When should I have an implant?
    Ideally the implant needs to be placed either at extraction or within 4 months. It is possible to place after this date, however may require additional bone grafting procedures.
    How long does and implant last?
    With good aftercare we expect your implant to last a lifetime. Chris has a success rate of 99% over the last 15 years, and the industry standard is 90%.
    Should I consider getting implants done abroad?
    We do not recommend this. An implant does need maintenance and many overseas implants are not recognised in the UK. This makes ongoing costs more expensive for you.
    How long does treatment take?
    This varies upon the amount needed. For simple implants it could take up to 3 months, more complex maybe 6 months and if bone grafting is required could take up to a year.

    Implant Options Available

    One to Three Teeth 

    Strong and long lasting

    No damage to adjacent teeth

    Natural looking

    Replacing multiple teeth (bar)

    Only 4 implants needed

    Very strong – you can eat anything

    Easy to remove and clean for long lasting results.

    Replacing multiple teeth (fixed bridge)

    Ideally 6 or more implants

    Fixed in place so no need to remove

    Behave like your natural teeth

    The ultimate solution for missing teeth.

    What to do next.

    Take a picture of your mouth / smile and send it to Chris. He will then get
    back in touch with advice and feedback on implant and cosmetic options.

    Using Messenger – Find us at Dental Logic Truro and send your photo plus question as a PM.
    Using e-mail – click here fill out the contact box including your photo

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