Create your perfect smile with Dental Logic

Jo came to see Chris because she was unhappy with the wear and appearance of her front teeth. She felt that her smile was impacting on how she felt and was self-conscious about this.  

When Jo saw Chris, he noticed that her teeth were wearing away because the bite at the back was not stable.  This is the main cause of wearing or chipping at the front and Jo was in good hands to help fix the problem. Over a couple of appointments the bite was fixed and then Jo could have the smile makeover she wanted.  

What happens with a smile makeover?

Before we started the smile makeover work, Chris spent time listening to Jo about her concerns and what she wanted. Then he scanned and planned her smile with her, allowing Jo to have input all the time. Once he had designed her smile digitally, this design was printed out in the on-site 3D printer and was clipped onto Jo’s existing teeth so she could see in real time exactly what was planned before any treatment was started.

This is routine for our smile makeover patients, and on asking  Chris about this he says “In this day and age there is no excuse to not have the try before you buy trial wear. By doing this we can get predictable and reproducible results which the patient has already seen and approved. Without this, you are going blindly into treatment.”  

Once Jo had seen her new smile and videoed to ensure everything was right, Chris used the minimal drill technique for Jo’s new smile. This was completed easily and Jo even told us she had no pain throughout.  

Working closely with our in-house lab technician Jack, both Chris and Jack were able to reproduce the trial smile and by using the latest advancements in dental CADCAM technology gave Jo the smile she had always wanted. 

After a few weeks Jo came back for her final review and was delighted about the results, telling us that she is smiling at everyone and feels she can get on with life and not worry about her teeth. We are delighted that we could help another patient achieve the results they were after, and best of all with minimal drilling and no pain.