3d scanning dental logic

3D Scanning and Printing

3D Scanning and Printing

With our digital scanner we are able to show you what your teeth could look like. 3D scanning means treatment can even start the same day. We’re one of the first UK practices use this full workflow cutting-edge technology.

Same day smile

You are invited in to help design your smile with our cosmetic dentist in our bespoke design lounge. Once you are happy, we digitally laser print your design, and through our cutting edge technology, can show you your smile that very same day.

Prevention scanning

For the first time ever, we can now scan your teeth as part of your permanent record. This means we can look back at what has happened to see where help is needed. It allows us to check tooth movement, chipping or toothwear and if needed, we can use your original scan to put your teeth back to the way they were.

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