New approaches, innovative designs

Ben came to see us at DentalLogic Truro as had heard about our new dental 3D scanner and was interested in getting models of his teeth made. We were intrigued about what he needed them for.

Ben explained that he’d been looking to find somewhere to make him a gold grill for his teeth and had spoken to several dentists in the past only to get rebuked as they didn’t really know what he was asking for and certainly weren’t interested in helping. He had found an American jeweller who could make a custom grill from moulds sent from the UK. He had hoped the accuracy of our 3d scan would help.

Fortunately for Ben we are not just a “normal” dental practice and although a gold grill definitely wasn’t something we had made before, we were as excited as he was to bring his idea into reality.

What are gold grills?

For those who don’t know a grill is essentially a removable piece of jewellery worn over your own teeth. No damage is done to the teeth themselves and the grill is easily removable with no permanent change needed for your teeth. They are pretty rare but are an eye catching and unique way to add some gold or shine into your look. The design can be individual covering multiple teeth or even just single coverings. A range of materials can be used depending on what look you want.

So, how did we help?

Ben had a clear idea of what he wanted his grills to look like and after we had scanned his teeth using our state of the art 3D scanner we worked with an outstanding local dental technician to design the best possible fitting grills. 

The traditional methods used for these involve jewellers using models of teeth and free hand building the design with wax before processing. Like normal jewellery this can create some beautiful results. But the problem occurs due to the very individual groves and spaces between anyone’s teeth. This can often lead to grills being excessively bulky or poorly fitting and worse case could damage the enamel of your teeth. 

Using dental software to design them and dental knowledge meant we achieved a perfect fit that is safe for enamel and sleek and slim enough to allow Ben to wear his grills comfortably and talk normally.

This definitely isn’t something we do every day at Dental Logic Truro but over the course of a few simple appointments we were able to design these stunning 18 carat gold grills and we are pretty confident these are the only set to have been made this way, definitely in the south west, probably in the country and potentially even in the world. Prove us wrong if you can!

We like to think we aren’t your run of the mill dental practice. So whatever you want to achieve with your teeth, if you want them healthier, whiter, straighter or even adorned with some serious bling then get in touch and book a consultation today and we will find a way to help you.