Turkey teeth – what do you need to know?

You will likely have seen the headlines by now – Turkey teeth are ruining people’s smiles across the UK! Is it true? What do you need to know if you were thinking about getting dental treatment abroad? How can you save your teeth from disaster when looking for a smile makeover?

The problem

The recent BBC documentary – and various stories shared across social media – have put a spotlight on the individuals who have travelled abroad for cosmetic dental treatment. There are many examples of individuals travelling overseas for crowns, having a significant portion of their teeth filed down in the process.

Why is this a problem? For a start, you do not always need to remove that much natural (and often healthy) tooth tissue to achieve a stunning result. It is unnecessarily invasive and harmful in the long-term. This procedure can cause lasting sensitivity and pain, and increases the risk of abscesses and devitalisation (effectively ‘death’) of the teeth.

Some of the stories suggest poor communication by the dental team who offer ‘veneers’ and then provide crowns. Veneers are far less invasive as they are roughly half as thick as crowns and simply attach onto the front of the teeth instead of needing lots of tooth structure destroyed. This means that veneers tend to be easier to repair or replace over time than crowns – crowns should be the last resort for most people.

The other issue is that the quality of the dentistry provided has come into question. Not all countries have the same strict regulation and high standards that we have in the UK, so the quality of products and techniques used may not be as good. Similarly, the after-care might not be as thorough because this would require patients to travel back to the practice at a later date for reviews – which is often not included in the original treatment plan and therefore added expense for the patient.

Choose carefully

It’s important to understand that there are many fantastic dentists working outside the UK. Some of the most highly skilled and talented dentists are trained overseas, as well as in the UK. The problem is that people do not always know what to look for and are often persuaded by cost of treatment alone.

Whether in the UK, Turkey or elsewhere, your dental care provider should be chosen carefully. They must be reputable, be closely regulated and the professional team must be adequately trained to deliver the treatment they are offering. All of these things are much more important that the cost of treatment. Buying cheap often means buying again – but when it comes to your teeth, once they are destroyed you cannot grow them back.

Ask the question

If you are thinking about improving your smile, make sure you do your homework. Speak to us before making any final decisions – you may be surprised about how much value and peace of mind we can offer while creating the smile of your dreams.  Dentists that are members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD),  are among the most skilled, educated and passionate dentists providing cosmetic dental treatment in the world. They offer an array of procedures that can help to enhance so much more than just the appearance of your teeth. Plus, you can do all this without destroying your natural teeth or risking years of pain.

We’re here for you and very happy to answer questions you may have about your teeth, so please get in touch if you’d like to know more.