Dental Logic: Doing dentistry differently in Truro

We’re a new Truro dentist and we’ve opened our practice in central Truro. We’ve ran our successful sister practice in Perranporth, St Piran Dental, for 16 years but the time has come for the business to grow.

We’ve listened to our Perranporth patients and we’ve heard concerns and niggles. And over several years we’ve built quite a list of questions to answer and problems to solve. What would our ideal dental practice look like? What would help people feel most at ease while waiting for an appointment? And is it possible to have a consultation in a more welcoming space than the dentist’s chair?

reception area dental logicWe understand when we hear that for some of you stark, brilliant white lobby areas can be off-putting. And this is the first thing you’ll notice about our different way of doing things when you walk through our doors. We’ve designed everything with relaxation and comfort in mind. So, you’ll find our reception area more like a tactile hotel lobby than an impersonal, brightly lit waiting room.

A new Truro dentist

In our careers as dentists, every time we hear that someone doesn’t quite understand what a new treatment is we’ve gone the extra mile to explain and reassure if there is any anxiety about discomfort or time in the chair. We’ve often wished we had a larger dedicated space in our sister practice in Perranporth for these extended consultations.

We’ve wished for a space where we could spend some time, away from a busy reception area and in a place more comfortable than our own treatment rooms, to simply talk things through.

Sometimes we can’t find the right words to explain the benefits of the treatment we know would fit our patient best. C’mon, we’re dentists! We love what we do but sometimes our geek-speak can be a little waffly.

We know we can talk for a long time… and that not all of our words make sense to the outside world. So we’ve given a lot of thought to finding a better way to speak our Truro Dentist language!

A different dentistry experience

discussing treatment choicesIn these instances of tricky, technical explanations, there is no quicker way to do it than video. But would you really want to watch a short film from the dentist’s chair? Would you feel comfortable viewing something on a large screen in a communal reception area?

We thought not – and you agreed with us, which is why we’re doing it differently at Dental Logic Truro. We’re not your average dentist. We’re proud to bring our ethos of outstanding service and taking time to get to know the people behind the smile, to a new Truro dental practice.

To make this happen, we’ve built a dedicated room for learning. Here, you can see what a treatment involves, watch a digital scan being made or see how your own smile could be transformed.

We’ve also made sure that we have time for each and every one of our clients to make decisions in a private and relaxed space. Just like we do with our private consultation space in Perranporth.

Please come in and have a look, if you’re not sure if you’d benefit from a scan or if you want a quick chat about whitening or oral hygiene, we’ve got the time to answer your questions and we’d love to see you.

We mean it when we say we’re doing dentistry differently at Dental Logic Truro.